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Trends and tips

People in glass houses – need blinds!

Knocking two rooms into one is a popular way to create a lovely big kitchen – as is building on a glass extension so your room is flooded with mood enhancing light.

Pleated blinds can be made to fit almost any shape window or glass roof and come with special insulating properties. This makes them ideal for north facing windows as well as a perfect choice for conservatories and glass extensions. And if you thought pleated blinds only came in boring beige, think again! Hillarys has got a whopping choice of 117 colours, from lime to pink and bright yellow.

Finishing touches

In the same way that a great handbag, killer pair of shoes or Hollywood sunglasses can turn an OK outfit in to a fabulous one, that little bit of extra detail can make all the difference to your kitchen window treatments. Hillarys offers all sorts of finishing touches from contemporary eyelets on rollers to co-ordinating chain colours on romans for a completely integrated and personal look.

Against the grain

You can’t beat the warm natural look of wood venetian blinds – especially in, what for many people, is the heart of the home. Or opt for cream or white painted wood slats if you love a cool and contemporary Scandinavian feel. has a fantastic range – add co-ordinating or contrasting tape for a chic finish or try a wider slat to allow more light in and to provide a better view when the slat is tilted open.

Mix and match

Blinds are an ideal way to inject colour into a neutral kitchen or complement colourful cabinetry. offer co-ordinating roller and vertical blinds so you could choose a practical roller at the window and a matching vertical blind to cover your French or patio doors.

Ice cream dream

Pastel colours conjure up images of a spring day and decorating with these soft tones creates a warm inviting feel, whatever time of year. To add depth and contrast, use different tones of a single palette. has a gorgeous soft sugary pink venetian blind which works a treat with this kind of scheme.

Play with pattern

Introducing a pretty patterned fabric to your window creates a wonderful homely look in your kitchen. Choose from sleek stripes, stylish spots, bold botanicals, fresh florals and traditional toile designs, depending on the overall effect you would like to achieve. offer a lovely selection of roman blinds in a wide variety of prints and patterns.