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Care of your blinds.

The best approach to cleaning blinds is ‘little and often’.  A weekly wipe down with a damp cloth or soft brush will prolong their lifespan and reduce how frequently you’ll need to take them down for a more thorough cleaning.

Most good suppliers will provide an aftercare leaflet – the ones from Hillarys and are excellent and give comprehensive cleaning instructions for all blind types.  However, careful handling of blinds will ensure their prolonged life in all cases.

Vertical blinds

Some vertical blinds can be washed, although very precise preparation of the fabric louvres is required. It is always best to check if your chosen fabric is washable. Remove the fabric from the headrail and unclip all the weights and chains. Tightly roll the fabric into small coils, keeping them all in line without creases and place into a pillowcase securing with a knot. Wash one roll at a time on a 40 degree woollens wash using a mild detergent. Cancel the final rinse and do not spin. Hang the fabric to drip dry – do not tumble dry or iron.

For all other fabrics, use the upholstery brush on your vacuum cleaner to gently remove the dust.

Roller blinds

As with any window dressing, roller blinds can easily attract dust and this is more noticeable if they’re white or cream. The best way to keep them looking pristine is to use the upholstery brush on your vacuum or give them a quick dust down with a clean cloth.

Roman blinds

Most fabrics can be dry cleaned with care. Remove the blind from the headrail and take out the horizontal rods and bottom bar. Ensure the dry cleaner is aware of the special cleaning label sewn into the seam. Alternatively use the upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner.

Venetian blinds

A quick option is to wear a pair of cotton gloves and carefully run your fingers between the slats for a thorough clean. I love a fantastic little gadget from, imaginatively called a ‘blind-cleaner’, which zips between the slats for a quick and easy dust bust.


A fast but effective option is to wear a pair of cotton gloves and gently run your fingers between the louvres to clean them. The ‘blind-cleaner’ from also comes in handy here.